We are Net Zero Carbon!

Rosicrucian Park: Where Sustainability Thrives

Rosicrucian Park is more than just a beautiful museum and garden; we are a champion for environmental responsibility!

Here is a closer look at some of our initiatives:

Cultivating a Native Paradise

Rosicrucian Park has undergone a remarkable transformation. We've replaced thirsty lawns with vibrant native Californian plants. This not only enhances Rosicrucian Park's natural beauty; it also achieves significant water conservation. By switching to native plants, we save over 10 million gallons of water annually! This translates to a massive reduction in our environmental footprint. The native plants are meticulously chosen to thrive in the local climate, requiring minimal irrigation or none at all. This not only conserves water; it also promotes biodiversity by attracting native pollinators like butterflies and bees.

Net Zero Carbon Banner at Rosicrucian Park

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

At Rosicrucian Park, we're committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources. Through the installation of solar panels, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment, new “cool” roofs, and some simple practices to reduce our energy usage, we've achieved Net Zero Carbon status! We now produce enough clean, renewable energy to meet our own annual energy consumption requirements. This significantly reduces our carbon footprint and sets a powerful example for sustainable practices. And our new Rosicrucian Alchemy Museum will achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification level!

Peace Pole Rosicrucian Park

Preserving Every Drop

We understand the value of every drop of water at Rosicrucian Park. We've implemented a new system to capture a precious resource that often gets overlooked – rainwater from our rooftops! This captured water is then used for irrigation purposes, saving over 30,000 gallons of water annually. By capturing rainwater, we reduce our reliance on municipal water supplies and demonstrate a responsible approach to water management.

You Can Do This Too!

We hope that Rosicrucian Park's commitment to environmental stewardship will inspire you to do the same. Our practices demonstrate a harmonious balance between preserving the environment and fostering a beautiful educational space. By adopting sustainable solutions, we have set the course for a greener future and hope to inspire others to follow suit.

Please join us – You can do this too!